IE Lab Facilities

Analog and Digital Electronics Lab

ADE lab is located on first floor of Instrumentation Department. It has large no of electronics equipment’s are available for designing of an electronics Circuits. ADE lab consists of Power electronics kits (SCR, UJT, TRAIC Characteristics, Inverters, Choppers, Cycloconverter, etc.) the lab is having 12 Function Generator, 14 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, 35 Power Supply satisfy the need of different Practical’s.

Laboratory Incharge Name: Prof. P. R. Bhosale
Area of Laboratory:  59.20 Sq.m
Laboratory resources: —-
Hardware: CRO, Function Generator, Power Supply, PED Kits 

Software: ———

Mesurement and Control Lab

This lab mainly deals with the different Measurement Practicals. It is having different Temperature measurement equipment’s like RTD, Thermistor, Thermocouple, Thermometer. Flow Measuring Instruments like Magnetic Flow Meter etc

Laboratory Incharge Name: Prof. Mrs. S. V. Chaudhari 
Area of Laboratory:  72 Sq.m
Laboratory resources: —–
Hardware: Transducers, FCS, Microprocessor & PIC Kits, CRO, function generator, Power Supply

Software: ——

Analytical and Biomedical Lab

This lab is equipped with different Analytical Instruments like Densitometer, GM Counter, Colorimeters, Syntillation Counter etc. And Biomedical Instruments like pacemaker, X-Ray, ECG, EEG, EMG Combine kit, Digital Heart rate indicator the satisfy the need of analytical & Biomedical Practical’s.

Laboratory Incharge Name: Prof. P. H. Nerpagar 
Area of Laboratory:  48.75 Sq.m
Laboratory resources: —-
Hardware: BMI & AI Kits

Software:  ——

Process Instrumentation Lab

Process Instrumentation Lab is located in Instrumentation Department on first floor. Near to instrumentation class has got different process kit like level measurement control. (Ultrasonic, Capacitive, Differential Pressure, Purge Method). Flow Analyzer, CV Testing of control valve, Cascade Control, Ratio Control, Pneumatic Trainer, Two PLC, Compressor etc.

Laboratory Incharge Name: Prof. S. S. Giri 
Area of Laboratory:  87.46 Sq.m
Laboratory resources: —–
Hardware: Process Analyser, Pnumatic Hydraulic Kits

Software: ——

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is located in Instrumentation Department on first floor. This lab provides as open source for computing platform from the student & faculty of Instrumentation. It has got-Desktop, 2 Projectors, cater the need of software development & programming.

Laboratory Incharge Name : Prof. Mrs. A. D. rane 
Area of Laboratory:  83.16 Sq.m
Laboratory resources: ——
Hardware: Desktop PCs, Printers, UPS


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