IE Lab Facilities

Analog and Digital Electronics Lab

Location : B218-I
Area in (Sq.m.): 59.20
Lab In-charge:Prof. P.R.Bhosale
Major Equipment Cost:
Rs. 3,29,830/-
Utilization:Sem III: AE, Sem V: SCCD,Sem VI: PED,Project

Measurement and Control Lab

Location : B218-II
Area in (Sq.m.): 72
Lab In-charge:
Major Equipment Cost:
Rs. 1,97,949/-
Utilization:Sem III: T-I,Sem III: DE,Sem IV: T-II,Sem V: AMC-I,Sem V: AMC-II

Biomedical Instrumentation Lab

Location : B 219-I
Area in (Sq.m.): 48.75
Lab In-charge:Prof. P.H.Nerpagar
Major Equipment Cost:
Utilization:Sem VII: BMI, Sem VIII: NI

Process Instrumentation Lab

Location : B 219-IV
Area in (Sq.m.): 87.46
Lab In-charge:Prof. S.S.Giri
Major Equipment Cost:
Utilization: Sem III: T-I,Sem IV: T-II,Sem V: CSC,Sem VI: PIS,Sem VII: PA

Computer Lab

Location : B-008
Area in (Sq.m.): 83.16
Lab In-charge: Prof.Mrs.A.D.Rane
Major Equipment Cost:
Utilization:Sem III: OOPM,Sem IV: ASP,Sem V: CSC,Sem VI: PIS,Sem VII: ACS,Sem VII: IP,Sem VII: DCS